quinta-feira, janeiro 17, 2013

Ponte em Sarajevo

Encontrei as imagens dessa bela-humana ponte no site designboom. Uma solução muito bonita, criativa e com foco nas pessoas, um trabalho que humaniza a cidade.

No designboom, temos:

'festina lente bridge' in sarajevo by alagic, bojan kanlic and amila hrustic  developed by designers adnan alagic, bojan kanlic and amila hrustic, the basic idea of the overpass is the union of the secular and spiritual and to establish a balance between left and right side. crossing the bridge is a unique experience because of it's specific layout and views that we encounter when going through the gate, preparing users to enter into another dimension, awakening spirituality. built using steel with aluminum trim and glass fencing, the technological solutions appropriate the design of the bridge in context to the location in sarajevo, becoming a symbol of the town. spanning 38 meters, the bridge creates a visual contrast to the landscapes, providing a communal place for gathering and interacting.